EntBanc Accelerate is our corporate accelerator development and management division that acts as a bridge between the interests of corporate clients who are committed to innovation, efficiency, developing intrapreneurship in established business and make connections to startups.

Years of practical knowledge is combined with considered strategic thinking and sound governance to create flexible, well-managed, all-in-one corporate accelerator programmes.

Our Services:

  • Capacity building
  • Accelerator manager
  • Skills training
  • Strategic facilitation
  • Monitoring and evaluation tools
  • Sustainability
  • Communications
  • Financial Controls

Our Accelerator Programme ecosystem enables us to bring the outside in, drive corporate innovation efforts and deliver breakthrough sectoral technologies, solutions and experiences for your clients or customers.

Strategic Partnerships

Our strategic partners enhance our innovation reach and agility by fostering an open ecosystem for corporates to engage with startups, thought leaders, and leading universities:

An active monthly networking community of entrepreneurs with ideas to change the world. It consists of networking, pitching sessions, aspirational talks and market-place opportunities to access networks in the various countries through live-streaming and use of all digital tools. It’s currently active in 12 cities.

A non-profit company focused on mentoring, training and developing township entrepreneurs and affording them with access to market for opportunities.

For more information on the development of your corporate accelerator programme, contact us